Bailey for Senate


From the moment President Donald J. Trump launched his rhetoric-filled campaign for President until now, all we have heard is that he will "Make America Great Again." I'm here to tell you that America has never stopped being great.

Sure, we have many areas in which we can improve, but that doesn't mean we are not great. It just means we are making America greater than ever.

All across this great nation, millions of men and women have real concerns and real fears that are being overlooked and passed over by the men and women of Congress. It's time for the people to have a voice once again.

It's time to have a Fair Deal.

Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal focused on the conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and protections for consumers.

FDR's New Deal focused on economic recovery after the Great Depression, job creation at a time when unemployment rested around 25%, investment in public works to build thousands of highways, bridges, hospitals, schools and more, and civic uplift at a time when people had no hope and little optimism in a better day.

Now, the time has come for America to have a Fair Deal.

If elected as Senator, I will be introducing legislation to see the implementation of a national healthcare system to provide quality care to every man, woman, boy, and girl, because no one should have to choose between receiving the medical care they need and putting food on the table. Seniors should not have to decide whether to have the prescription medications they need or keep the lights on.

Sadly, these kinds of choices are made every day.

I believe our children have the right to a four year degree, because an educated society is a productive society. But for our children who want to see our nation return to a place of skilled labor, we will push to provide them the skills they need to be successful in the workforce straight out of high school. 

We need to fight for our job-seekers!

A national job database will provide a streamlined service to allow our job-seekers a central application center where they can apply for work, have a completed background check on file, submit to regular drug testing, and be prepared for onboarding at jobs all across our country. We want to encourage workers, not hold them back from their true potential. 

This program would also help to end the age of discrimination, based on race, gender, or other demographic markers. You will be identified by an applicant number, so the hiring team for the job in which you apply for can judge you on your merits, not on the things that do not matter.

This will follow the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.!

No longer will our brothers and sisters or our children be judged on the color of their skin. Finally, we can reach a day where we are judged on the content of our character and the skills we strengthen and perfect in a society that is working for everyone, not just the wealthy, powerful, or politically connected.

That is the deal we need and that is the deal for which I will fight, if you allow me the opportunity to represent you in the United States Senate!